Lucky Computer Co., Ltd was founded on 7th of January 2001 as a small second-hand computer retailer. At the beginning, we sold refurbished desktops and laptops which we imported from Japan and USA to our local customers. Since 2007, as we wanted to keep up to date and understood the need of our market, we started to import brand new computers, components and accessories. Due to the big success, in the beginning of 2011, we opened one more branch in Phnom Penh, and started to wholesale computers, which we directly import from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia to other dealers. In 2015, Lucky Computer Co., Ltd won the exclusive right distributor of Microlab speaker in Cambodia. One year later, we continued our success by being the authorized distributor of E-Blue Gaming gear, TRENDnet networking solutions, Webroot antivirus, Santak Electronic and Business partner such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, ASUS, ACER, Lenovo, and MSI.

Our Mission:

Combine technical expertise and  share IT innovation from credible manufacturers  to targeted distribution network with cost-effective IT solutions, in order to cater clients’ business needs. We believe in delivering quality and excellence to build long-term relationships with the clients and preserve their trust.

Our Vision:

Share innovation through innovative, rapid, and cost-effective deployment of the best products to the right reseller channels and clients to fulfill their technology and business needs. Lucky Computer believes that our vision is the cornerstone of our business strategy. It plays a key role not only in maintaining long-term relationships forged over the years with our clients, but also in the rapidly changing tech industry.